Service Station. Oh, the Irony.

Service Station is the on-campus dining place in Wentz*. And it lives up to it’s name, except for that part where it totally doesn’t. At all.

At Service Station, slow and steady wins the race. It doesn’t matter how many people are in there, it’s still gonna take a semester for you to get your food. Sure, the waiters are nice enough and everything, but the take so. Dang. Long.You’ll be sitting there in your booth for like, a half hour, thinking, “yeah, take your time, Service Station. Not like I have anything to do today, nbd.”

And when you finally get you food, it really, honestly and truly is not all that fantastic. I won’t go right out and say it’s bad, because hey, as a college student, I don’t reserve the right to complain, but it really doesn’t live up to the expectations.

I guess you could compare your experience at Service Station to the release of the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You hear about it, and it sounds really good, so then you wait a long time for it to come out, and when it does, it wasn’t what you thought it would be.  I’d say that’s a pretty accurate metaphor, except that Pirates of the Caribbean won’t give you indigestion or prevent your roommate from coming in without a hazmat suit.


*This is in no way a criticism of Wentz. After all, the Bakery is awesome 🙂


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