My FAT is cold

It’s slightly misting, its cold, and I’m taking pictures. Pictures of Bennett hall, KD, the Villages, etc.  I really can’t believe I am out this late and without a decent hat, scarf, or gloves. As I continue to take pictures, I am once again glad that I live on campus

I am glad that I don’t have to regulate how much I turn up my thermostat or have to worry about being snowed in and cut off from society. With living in Residential Halls, I can often step outside my door and visit with somebody who is also bored of laying in bed on a snow day.

My favorite memory of living in a Res Hall when bad weather strikes is last semester when the lights went out on campus and I experience my first “Zombie” game.

The Setting:  7th floor of Kerr

The Participants: 7th Floor residents, Nicakolle

The Object of the Game: To go and hide anywhere on the floor and to some how make it to the corner of the hall without being “eaten” by the head zombie

After 2 hours and several rule changes later, the lights came back on. Confused, sore (sorry Zach for the boot-to-the-chest-move) and blinking, we proceeded back to our rooms, thankful for the nice break from studying and ready to hit the books.


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