Who are you and why are you on my floor?

So it usually happens at 7:45 am, I am tired and kinda of drowsy, but have to get up for my 9 am class.

I stumble down the never ending hall, (I live on a co-ed floor and my bathroom is down the hall) and I come across a guy I have never seen before. At first I’m thinking he may be doing the walk-of-shame, (or stride of pride, whatever) but then I notice he is in his PJs and carrying a shower caddy to the bathroom. HE LIVES HERE.

As I quickly say a “Hey, how are you?” I scan my memory banks for back up. How does he know my name, which room does he live in, WHO IS HE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This situation, sadly, happens to me a lot. It may be because I live in the JB building most of the time, or it may be that my floor is not as active as it should. I mean, dont get me wrong, I know some people on my floor. Just not their names.

Theirs the two girls across the hall from me, the 2 girls next to them, and the guys three rooms down. There is Bryan who stayed with me over the summer, the lounge gang, and my RA. Other than that, the people on the other side of the hall could be drug dealers.

In my experience, this usually happens when the floor is inactive or when people are uninviting. You know the type. They walk around their side of the hall, you try to talk to them and they just put their iPod ear buds in. I like to call the side that these individuals live on “the ghetto side”.

Because, really, would you stop and talk to somebody in the ghetto?


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