I kinda of want to cut you right now!

So, I’m guessing when we are all 16(ish) or 18 for Cindy, we learned how to drive and park a car.

There was times when your mom or dad was saying the lords prayer and crossing themselves, (even if they are not catholic).  We have many memories, when you got THIS CLOSE (———-) to hitting that Jaguar in the neighborhood or when you hit you the trashcan….for the 20th time.

But as we graduated from high school and gained more experience behind the wheel we perfected the art of parallel parking, squeezing into that tight parking spot, and eating while driving.

So when we came to college we met new friends and explored Stillwater together….and we also learned who we need to buckle up with when we travel.

But one hard lesson while attending college we have to learn is…..some people never learned how to park!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you OSU’s Residential Hall’s official Wall of shame!

Seriously, this is not a car show…..the lines are there for a reasonWow, I really want to cut this person……HE IS NOT EVEN IN THE PARKING SPACE!Yeah, I was tempted to key this car….



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