My Ipod died on me the other day. I like to listen to it on the way to my classes when I am not walking with anyone. So, on the way to my Speech class, I was admiring the beautiful weather we had been having up to today (what the F happened?). Walking to North Classroom Building my peaceful thoughts were interrupted by a screeching “O MY GOD!!”

Some girl, I am guessing sorority due to all of the Greek letters on her clothing. Apparently she had not seen some guy in a while so she promptly runs across the street and proceeds to hug him a yell about how much she missed him. I know this even though I am across the street. Yea. And its windy that day and her voices carries over the road.

Is there a reason that people like to talk like they are at a concert? Two girls having a conversation the other day, again across the street, and I knew exactly what they were talking about and the girl’s boyfriend problems. Loud laughing that cuts through your soul seems like a daily occurence. I think it is just the girls that have boyfriend problems are the ones that have loudest voices.

But I don’t want to seem like only girls are loud. I have heard some D bag guys on campus that seem to talk about banging girls at obnoxiously loud levels. I think they are trying to get over some of their insecurities by proclaiming to all that they are heterosexual.

Does no one have any modesty anymore? If I want to know about your life, I will ask without a doubt. I honestly don’t want to know about your period. Have no interest. No one likes periods. Why talk about them?  Not many people bring up the holocaust because it sucked. Its not good conversation.

Please people, keep it to yourself.



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