Wally Wally Wally World

Today, me and Danielle and most of her floor went to Walmart. If you don’t think that obesity is a problem in America, go to the old Walmart in Stillwater on a weekday. It was ridiculous. Most of the places I have been in Stillwater are college student frequents. I had never been to the old, ghetto Walmart until today.

It was quite crazy. I didn’t know how many rednecks lived in Stillwater. I knew they were there, but I didn’t realize it until today. This one lady had a pirate treasure map tattooed on her back. Plus, apart from hillbillies, there were SO MANY OLD PEOPLE!!!

Oh my Jesus. I was about to lose. Not only did they take up the whole aisle, but they walk so slow that I had time to read the nutrition labels on each and every food package.  Plus, the workers at Walmart were restocking everything while we were there. This made the aisles even narrower and harder to pass grandma.

I have never seen so many tattoo sleeves and sleeveless  indoors before. Now, I think rednecks are hilarious, old people are cool and tattoos can be great works of art. But when these things are taken to extremes, they lose their charm and they end up in my blog. I guess some southern people will be found in the middle of nowhere OK but I just was a wee bit shocked today.

I think I will stick to the new Walmart off of the highway.



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