Well, yeah, my friends are INTERNATIONALLY know!

When I think of my friends, those who are the best, others who I have lost touch with, I often think about the differences we share that make us good friends.

1. Cindy can spend 15 minutes on a Words with Friends game and score 80 points with one word…her excuse? quote “I’m ASSSIIIAAANNN”

2. Valerie can make anything into a funny scenario…even a 9 a.m. class.

3. Mary can fake speaking French….she just speaks Czech with a French accent.

But then I  look further into what makes my friends so special and I often realize that their cultural differences often intrigue me.

For instance, just tonight I learned that Malaysia is a mixing pot of cultures, from Chinease to India and beyond. I also learned about a major race group called the Malays, which are often claim to be superior to other races D: (more on the different racists attitudes later) Now,  some may not be surprised by this discovery, but what you have to understand is that when I first thought of Malaysia, I thought of that scene in Forest Gump where their in the middle of the jungle where they live in little straw huts. Yeah, Prague OK geography kinda sucked.

But as I got to know Cindy, I discovered Malaysia was as civilized if not more than the U.S.! (Wow, y’all have the iPhone?) As I learned more and more about this foreign country and its practices (google food steamboating) I beacame interested in learning about different countries and cultures.

With Mary the curiosity kinda of became a obsession. I began to learn about the Czech culture and identity and even learned some Czech words such as “Ahoj” or “Ano!” I also learned about the prevalent racist culture there also. (gypsies over there are often not tolerated over there.)

Being friends with international students are often the most rewarding and best friendships you can have. They get you out of your comfort zone and teach you about different cultures and ideas you may not have learned on your own.

Yeah,  supposedly this is somewhere in Malaysia.

Prague, Czech Republic!

-Davod Nematpour


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One response to “Well, yeah, my friends are INTERNATIONALLY know!

  1. Cindy Mary-Anne Chia

    YAY! Finally someone GOT IT!! I’m so proud of you, Davod!! 🙂

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