Start Of Something New

Summer 2010 was GREAT! Went back home to Malaysia and did what I planned to do- well, except studying for GRE and taking piano classes. Apart from that, I enjoyed myself soooo much that I actually felt homesick when I arrived in San Francisco on Monday.
So, yes! I’m back in America for my FINAL semester of my bachelor’s degree! Happy and sad. Happy because it’s my FINAL semester. Sad because I think I will miss uni life, and especially Oklahoma State University! Blah aside, let me blog on my recent trip to San Francisco.
People have been telling me how GREAT San Francisco is and it can be rated as one of the best cities in the world…. NOT!! So, Davod and I decided to travel together and I went on the trip without expecting anything cause I did not want to disappoint myself. However, even with the least expectation I have in the city, it fails to impress me to a certain level.
Firstly, there are sooooo many homeless people around. If they are minding their own business, that’s fine. But they are harassing me and all that everytime I walk by. I need my own space, for goodness sake!
Secondly, people blaring horns like it’s the end of the world! Such impatient drivers just drive me nuts! And the ambulance, firemen, police seems to be always on the roll ALL the time!
Thirdly, I was just walking around downtown and there were some streets that are soooo dodgy! It looks so dangerous and people were screaming here and there. I felt really unsafe and I felt like someone is gonna gang up with their friends on me and rape/mug/kidnap (San Fran has the HIGHEST kidnapping case btw!) me anytime. So, I literally ran to another street 😦
Moreover, shopping in San Francisco is nothing compared to New York City 5th Avenue! I miss New York 😦
HOWEVER, there are some good sides of San Francisco- but not in downtown. My friend from OSU- Evi, is from San Francisco. So she brought us around outside the city center.
We went to the Golden Gate Bridge..
.. and to the Fisherman’s Wharf @ Pier 39. That was probably the HIGHLIGHT of my trip.
And oh.. I also went and see WICKED the musical. It’s SO AWESOME!!! I had an overall okay trip, despite the jetlag and feeling unsafe in the city and all. I also had an awesome travel companion- Davod!

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