A Taste Of American Football

My first American football game! No kidding! Americans are SERIOUS about football! The stadium was packed! People camped outside the stadium a night before the game just to get good seats. People paint their body. What can I say? ORANGE POWER!!!
I got there 3 hours before the game and all the lines at all the gates were already so looonggg! And we were waiting under the hot scourging sun 😦
Anyway, it was really worth it cause we got good seats!
And this is me and Jessie before the game 🙂
There were more than 50,000 people in that stadium and there’s no reception! Ugh!
And here comes the cowboys warming up
That’s me and Laura with our painted face.
And the AWESOME OSU Marching BAND!
Pistol Pete came in shortly after that!
And us singing the Fight Song! Ride ’em Cowboys!
OSU cheerleaders!
Finally!!! The OSU COWBOOYYSSSS!!!
Boo, Washington State!!
Half the gang! The rest were too into the game!
And of course, WE WON!!!! 65-17!
It was a really good game! And I learned so much from my tutor- Laura! It was a really really awesome experience and I’m glad I got Season Tickets cause there will be 6 more games to go!

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