Racism-then and now

Tonight’s internet session started out as usual-with Facebook.

What started out as a regular stalking session turned into a reflection period that made me realize how lucky I was to live in the time period I live now.

Mary was surfing through her news feed looking at status updates when she asked me “Whats with Gamma Phi Beta?”

I had also began to notice peoples status updates related to the local sorority and decided to search Facebook to see what was going on. Apparently one of the members of the sorority was killed in a car accident earlier today. While I was saddened by this news, I notice a story that was shared that had the words “Gamma Phi Beta” in the title and the body.

The story, the link is below, describes a woman’s experience in college back in the 1950’s dating a African American male. The story describes the way the woman was treated by her sorority sisters and dorm mothers.

It made me realize how often I take for granted living in a post-civil rights era that allows me to date and hang out with whom ever I want. While I realize that racism is still alive and well in smaller towns across Oklahoma and the greater south, I am glad that in the larger cities like Stillwater, Oklahoma I don’t have to worry about a cross being burned on my front lawn.



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