The Cute Baby Contest

My sister Misty recently claimed that because she won a cute baby contest, she’s the cutest baby out of the five of us. I called bs on that, because as we are so far apart age wise, it’s impossible to compare us. Until now, that is. Misty helped me compile some adorable baby pictures of the five of us, and now we’re going to throw down and find out who was the cutest, once and for all. Here are the rules:

1. You can only vote once.
2. If you know the identity of any of the babies, keep it to yourself. It will ruin the fun if it becomes a who has the most friends contest (besides, I would lose hands down).
3. All you have to do to vote is comment on my blog with the number of the baby you think is cutest. It’s easy, and you can comment as a guest on WordPress.
4. At the end of the week (or at when we’ve gotten a substantial number of votes) the winner will be announced and given the coveted title “Cutest Baby” and maybe a certificate or something. We’ll see.

The Babies:

Let the voting begin!




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8 responses to “The Cute Baby Contest

  1. a friend

    This is hard….I am going with #7

  2. Rodney

    #9 … but it is close w/ a couple others.

  3. LSJ

    This was tough!!! All these babies are so cute! I think #3, the disheveled look is cute & I love that little nose!

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