About Cindy

Hi! I’m a new blogger ALL THE WAY from Australia! Yay! Okay, not really from Australia but I’ll explain. I’m a Chinese Malaysian, who’s raised in Malaysia but pursue my tertiary studies in Australia; hence, I’m a student exchange from Australia. So, that makes me half here and another half there. Either way, I’m thrilled to be here in America! The BEST country I’ve ever visited so far 🙂

Anyway, a brief introduction on my education background- I’m a Psychology Senior and will be graduating end of this year (well, hopefully). I’ll only be here for 6 months, so I’ll be blogging on my American experiences until June. I’m hoping to extend my exchange to a year (seeing how much i LOVE this country), but I’ll keep you guys updated. And oh.. I currently live in Bennett Hall. So, that’s all about me and enjoy reading!


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