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Who are you and why are you on my floor?

So it usually happens at 7:45 am, I am tired and kinda of drowsy, but have to get up for my 9 am class.

I stumble down the never ending hall, (I live on a co-ed floor and my bathroom is down the hall) and I come across a guy I have never seen before. At first I’m thinking he may be doing the walk-of-shame, (or stride of pride, whatever) but then I notice he is in his PJs and carrying a shower caddy to the bathroom. HE LIVES HERE.

As I quickly say a “Hey, how are you?” I scan my memory banks for back up. How does he know my name, which room does he live in, WHO IS HE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This situation, sadly, happens to me a lot. It may be because I live in the JB building most of the time, or it may be that my floor is not as active as it should. I mean, dont get me wrong, I know some people on my floor. Just not their names.

Theirs the two girls across the hall from me, the 2 girls next to them, and the guys three rooms down. There is Bryan who stayed with me over the summer, the lounge gang, and my RA. Other than that, the people on the other side of the hall could be drug dealers.

In my experience, this usually happens when the floor is inactive or when people are uninviting. You know the type. They walk around their side of the hall, you try to talk to them and they just put their iPod ear buds in. I like to call the side that these individuals live on “the ghetto side”.

Because, really, would you stop and talk to somebody in the ghetto?


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A Week in Review

They say hindsight is always 20/20, so here’s what has happened to me this week:

Monday, I saw my adviser. She advised me.

Tuesday, I found myself at a loss for things to complain about.

Wednesday, I pomped for the first time and blew up a bunch of balloons to make the Village look legit. It worked; the Village is now legit.

Thursday, my PR professor cancelled class. What a boss. I could have slept in till 3 if I had wanted to. Also, I decorated the Village.

Today, I was woken up by Amanda, my roommate, calling me. Here’s how it went down:

Me: Hello?

Amanda: Valerie, there’s a bat. What do I do?

Me: What?

Amanda: I’m outside the library and there’s a bat just flopping around on the ground. What do I do?

Me: Just leave it alone. If you really feel like you have to do something, call physical plant.

Amanda: Oh, ok. I’ll see you in a little while.

Now, of course, I wish I would have told her to take it home. It would have been sweet with the other decorations. Also, at the time, I was not amused. In fact, I was rather peeved. Now, however, I think it’s hilarious.

Hindsight’s always 20/20.


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My FAT is cold

It’s slightly misting, its cold, and I’m taking pictures. Pictures of Bennett hall, KD, the Villages, etc.  I really can’t believe I am out this late and without a decent hat, scarf, or gloves. As I continue to take pictures, I am once again glad that I live on campus

I am glad that I don’t have to regulate how much I turn up my thermostat or have to worry about being snowed in and cut off from society. With living in Residential Halls, I can often step outside my door and visit with somebody who is also bored of laying in bed on a snow day.

My favorite memory of living in a Res Hall when bad weather strikes is last semester when the lights went out on campus and I experience my first “Zombie” game.

The Setting:  7th floor of Kerr

The Participants: 7th Floor residents, Nicakolle

The Object of the Game: To go and hide anywhere on the floor and to some how make it to the corner of the hall without being “eaten” by the head zombie

After 2 hours and several rule changes later, the lights came back on. Confused, sore (sorry Zach for the boot-to-the-chest-move) and blinking, we proceeded back to our rooms, thankful for the nice break from studying and ready to hit the books.

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how can I tell you this? SHUT UP!!!!

So, I think we have all been there. Your tired, you have had little sleep, and your stuck in the KD lab. You have printed off your last set of slides and you are ready to retire to your room to catch up on some z’s……


The sound of rauchious laughter explodes into your ear drums from across the room. It has jolted you from your daydreaming of crawling under your worn-but-comfy batman comforter that you love to snuggle underneath.

Their back.

These type of people are what I like to nickname  Rauchious Uneducated Dumb Eejit. (last ones mean stupid, would of used ignoramous, but that begins with an I)

RUDEs are often seen in groups and can be any age or ethnicity. They are usually seen in the middle of the KD lab and are usually laughing their asses off at some video on Youtube or yelling at some Asian video game in a foreign language  found online that nobody really plays.

And right now, you are daydreaming. You know, when you stare of into the wall and you have a out-of-body-experience.  You are daydreaming that you slowly push your chair back and stand up.. You look look left. You look right. You spot last years Homecoming decorations in the corner of lab, including a plywood cut out of Pistol Pete. (that’s how they roll in your daydream) You grab Pete and begin your reaction to the noise. You slowly walk over to the unsuspecting RUDEs with Pete  in hand, and a angry look on your face. As you slowly raise your weapon above your head, one of the younger RUDEs begins to ask “What the hell bro..”      WHAM!

Your book bag falls to the floor stirring you from your “innocent” daydream. The RUDEs are still making noise and do not look like they are moving anytime soon.

So, this may seem a little violent, but have you not been in that situation before? It kinda of reminds me of this video:

Okay, so I understand that the KD lab is  a public place that anybody can use and isn’t expected to be quiet  like a library.  But I think that anybody can expect to have SOME kind of quiet in the lab where you can do your homework and stalk your latest Facebook crush. Now, I understand that when watching Youtube or LOLcats you crack up, but when you are laughing  so that people  outside of the lab can hear you, your. too. loud. So, until lab monitors start to care if people can concertrate, I think that RUDEs will be prevalent in every computer lab not only in Res halls, but on campus as well.


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Service Station. Oh, the Irony.

Service Station is the on-campus dining place in Wentz*. And it lives up to it’s name, except for that part where it totally doesn’t. At all.

At Service Station, slow and steady wins the race. It doesn’t matter how many people are in there, it’s still gonna take a semester for you to get your food. Sure, the waiters are nice enough and everything, but the take so. Dang. Long.You’ll be sitting there in your booth for like, a half hour, thinking, “yeah, take your time, Service Station. Not like I have anything to do today, nbd.”

And when you finally get you food, it really, honestly and truly is not all that fantastic. I won’t go right out and say it’s bad, because hey, as a college student, I don’t reserve the right to complain, but it really doesn’t live up to the expectations.

I guess you could compare your experience at Service Station to the release of the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You hear about it, and it sounds really good, so then you wait a long time for it to come out, and when it does, it wasn’t what you thought it would be.  I’d say that’s a pretty accurate metaphor, except that Pirates of the Caribbean won’t give you indigestion or prevent your roommate from coming in without a hazmat suit.


*This is in no way a criticism of Wentz. After all, the Bakery is awesome 🙂

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Res Life Tip #2: Ladies, let’s go!

So I know this is suppose to be a Res life tip and it may not seem like it, but it is.

So, today I was chillin at the front desk with my friend Mary. She begin to belly ache about how she misses her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend in the Czech Republic. (Its a lonnng story, and involves alot of Skype chats)

She told me about how he wanted her to come home so that they could live together and she could get all her schooling out of the way in Czech. She wanted to do it, but she knows that alot of doors would open for her if she received her degree from a USA college. He broke up with her (again, now its official) because he “couldn’t wait for her”. She ended the story by telling me how she understands he is 35 and wants children.

Okay, let’s stop this, ’cause I am getting tired of men using this lame, inconsiderate, excuse to keep their wife/girlfriend in line.

This situation reminds me of the song, “I’m gonna be an engineer.” by Peggy Seeger. This song describes a women who fought the gender stereotypes of her time and overcame them. She was delegated to being a ‘lady’ and it ended her up in a job where she got paid significantly less.

I had Mary listen to the song and she somewhat got it but didn’t get how it pertained to her. I explained to her how she may be tempted to go back to Czech to live with her boyfriend and start a family, she will be popping out kids, and she will slowly lose the time and energy to go to school. I then realized that this song can be applied to both overseas and here.

Not many women realize, but almost everyday they are somehow biased against. Whether it is at her job where she may be paid less, or if it’s in class where she is thought to be less capable of doing schoolwork than a man. (This has happened to Mary, but I don’t want to point it out to her.)

But I mean, really ladies? After the 50’s and 60’s women suffrage movement, you are willing to throw it all away because. ” I don’t want to make waves” or “Oh, their just trying to be nice.”  Their not.

I’m not trying to be a feminist, but I think it is time women take a stand. They need to DEMAN equal pay, they need to DEMAND to share a equal share of the workload, and DEMAND to be treated with the same respect treated towards a man.

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Oh the joys of being a JB major

(editors note: this was supposed to be published on Thursday, but I had complications with the inte

So, by the title you may guess where I am. I am currently sitting in one of the sound booths featured in the OSU JB building. (a.k.a. Paul Miller Building) It looks like I am once more going to be staying up here this weekend instead of going home for Fall Break.

Why you may ask?

It’s 3 am, I have been in this building since 7 pm attempting to do a project that has been consuming my my life these past weeks with upmost greediness. I’ve offically using the excuse, “It’s 3 am, and I can barely think straight.” To make this jumble mess into a logical argument as to why I hate the JB school at times, lets be corny and make a numbered list. (its like Christmas, but evil)

1. Formats: In the JB school, you 3 labs. You have Video production lab on the 2nd floor that only students of Video Production can use, you have the Audio production labs on the 3rd floor that are so used more than the first floor elevator button in KD. You then have the random labs on the 3rd floor that have video capabilities that are used by anybody that is not in Video Production. Now, the fun part. Audio recorded in the labs on the 3rd floor cannot be used in either video labs because the video labs do not have the program to run them. The computer labs on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor that are used for regular classes also cannot handle the audio from the labs on the 3rd floor because they don’t have the program either. ALSO, the audio labs cannot handle sound recorded on the regular labs in the buidling because they cannot handle the files used in the other labs.

Transfer-So you figured out what you are going to record for your voice over, but you need it to get it from lab A to lab B with as much ease as possible. BUT, your on the 3rd floor and need it transfered to the 2nd floor…how do you get it to transfer? You email cant handle the load, don’t even look at your 256 MB flash drive.  You vagually remember the professor talking about a network you can upload stuff on! SCORE!!! But as you rush to your computer and gleefully log onto the server, you figure out that you computer is not linked to the server you put your file on…and this is the time you mentally shoot sparks at the Mac you are using.

Above all, writing, producing and editing a project in the Paul Miller building is like finals week. Its stressful, confusing, and has you running from one building to another. (but in this case computers) But in the end, you get a 87 and you breath a sigh of relief only to have another project thrown at you. Let the cycle begin again!

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