Well, yeah, my friends are INTERNATIONALLY know!

When I think of my friends, those who are the best, others who I have lost touch with, I often think about the differences we share that make us good friends.

1. Cindy can spend 15 minutes on a Words with Friends game and score 80 points with one word…her excuse? quote “I’m ASSSIIIAAANNN”

2. Valerie can make anything into a funny scenario…even a 9 a.m. class.

3. Mary can fake speaking French….she just speaks Czech with a French accent.

But then I  look further into what makes my friends so special and I often realize that their cultural differences often intrigue me.

For instance, just tonight I learned that Malaysia is a mixing pot of cultures, from Chinease to India and beyond. I also learned about a major race group called the Malays, which are often claim to be superior to other races D: (more on the different racists attitudes later) Now,  some may not be surprised by this discovery, but what you have to understand is that when I first thought of Malaysia, I thought of that scene in Forest Gump where their in the middle of the jungle where they live in little straw huts. Yeah, Prague OK geography kinda sucked.

But as I got to know Cindy, I discovered Malaysia was as civilized if not more than the U.S.! (Wow, y’all have the iPhone?) As I learned more and more about this foreign country and its practices (google food steamboating) I beacame interested in learning about different countries and cultures.

With Mary the curiosity kinda of became a obsession. I began to learn about the Czech culture and identity and even learned some Czech words such as “Ahoj” or “Ano!” I also learned about the prevalent racist culture there also. (gypsies over there are often not tolerated over there.)

Being friends with international students are often the most rewarding and best friendships you can have. They get you out of your comfort zone and teach you about different cultures and ideas you may not have learned on your own.

Yeah,  supposedly this is somewhere in Malaysia.

Prague, Czech Republic!

-Davod Nematpour


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I don’t know if I’ve told you guys this but I got an extension from my home university- UniSA and OSU to stay on for another semester- Fall semester!! It’s gonna be so awesome!! Homecoming, American football, Halloween, my FINAL Senior semester and etc. I’m EXCITED!

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Special Ed

I am a secondary ed major. So I have to take a special education class that helps me learn how to teach students with disabilities. One of the requirements for this class in volunteer work. Now that that is out of the way, I can tell my story.

Yesterday, me and Danielle got to do two activities on campus. One of them was called “Its a deaf deaf world”. Sounds kind of corny, but it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The program was actually pretty well done and I got to see a glimpse into the life of a person with hearing loss. We got to interact with deaf people and people that are training to be interpreters.

The other event was wheelchair basketball. This was really fun because the OSU men and women varsity teams played the OSU wheelchair basketball team. Oh yea, the varsity teams were in wheel chairs too. Needless to say, the varsity team got destroyed and it was really fun to watch.

The coolest thing was that I had no idea that this stuff went on at OSU. I was kind of dreading the whole experience but I am actually really glad that I went. If it weren’t for the class I would have never seen Moses play wheelchair basketball in a Harry Potter T-shirt.

Thats a win in my book.


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OH SNAP!! there about to be a PIE fight!

So last week was RHA week here on the Oklahoma State campus, with various activities such as a luau, dnace, and an outside obstacle course. My favorite part?


And also you get to know the people you go to school with.

The one event I like last week was KD’s “Pie your RA” contest. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of paying $1 to put some delicious whipped cream in their RA’s face?

Tony,11th floor RA, after a face full of whipped Cream!

Silverstar preparing for some whipped cream!

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Wally Wally Wally World

Today, me and Danielle and most of her floor went to Walmart. If you don’t think that obesity is a problem in America, go to the old Walmart in Stillwater on a weekday. It was ridiculous. Most of the places I have been in Stillwater are college student frequents. I had never been to the old, ghetto Walmart until today.

It was quite crazy. I didn’t know how many rednecks lived in Stillwater. I knew they were there, but I didn’t realize it until today. This one lady had a pirate treasure map tattooed on her back. Plus, apart from hillbillies, there were SO MANY OLD PEOPLE!!!

Oh my Jesus. I was about to lose. Not only did they take up the whole aisle, but they walk so slow that I had time to read the nutrition labels on each and every food package.  Plus, the workers at Walmart were restocking everything while we were there. This made the aisles even narrower and harder to pass grandma.

I have never seen so many tattoo sleeves and sleeveless  indoors before. Now, I think rednecks are hilarious, old people are cool and tattoos can be great works of art. But when these things are taken to extremes, they lose their charm and they end up in my blog. I guess some southern people will be found in the middle of nowhere OK but I just was a wee bit shocked today.

I think I will stick to the new Walmart off of the highway.


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Celebrity Obsession

Browsing Youtube today and the featured video was about the rumors surrounding Justin Beiber’s girlfriend. Justin Beiber is 7 years old. All of his songs involve love. If you have to get your mommy to drive you on a date, then you are not in love. If your concept of “love” consists of sharing your juicebox during recess, it is not love.

So I decided to type in letters in the Youtube search bar to see what came up. “J” was “Justin Beiber” “Justin Beiber one time” and “Justin Beiber baby”. 6 out of 10 were justin beiber hits. The first hit for “H” was “hannah montana”. “M” was michael jackson and then miley cyrus. 

First of all, all these michael jackson fans that somehow come out of nowhere need to settle down. “OMG I LOVE MJ” no, you bandwagon. I am not a huge michael jackson fan so I am not gonna pretend like I am. Thriller and Smooth Criminal are good, but it did not ruin my life when he died. It was sad, but so was Heath Ledger and Patrick Swayze’s death. No one is walking around wearing Dirty Dancing T-shirts, but I saw a 4 year old walking around with an MJ shirt on.

You are too young to even know about him, so you know that the parents put her in it. People need to settle down. Celebrities are (mostly) talented with the exception of beiber, cyrus, and the jonas bros. They provide entertainment. They provide a service. No one follows an architect on Twitter. I never heard of someone stalking Bobby Flay. Why is it just actors and singers. Half of them can’t act and can’t sing.

How can America halt this epidemic? Delete Twitter. Cancel most magazines: people, star and all tabloids. Make stalking equal the death penalty. Make TMZ a federal crime. I believe these changes need to be instituted now to reduce celeb obsession. It is getting ridiculous. If I hear any more about how Kate Gosselin shouldn’t be on dancing with the stars, I am going to cut someone. SHE ISN”T A STAR! OF COURSE SHE SHOLDN”T BE ON DANCING WITH THE STARS! Her husband cheated on her and she is super fertile. Woop dee doo.

I’d like to leave you with one final thought: Octo-mom has paparazzi. The problem is more serious than we thought.


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The Long Overdue Spring Break Post

So Valerie talked me into visiting Texas, and I did- during Spring Break! It was a refreshing vacation indeed. Went on a roadtrip with the Saltus and initially planned to head down to Georgia, but Scott checked the weather before we left and it was forecasted to be all wet and cold in Georgia! So we decided to head to our neighbourhood State instead- TEXAS! I don’t wanna bore you guys any further, so I’ll just let the photos do the blogging.
Shane and I in the car before we hit the road
After hoursssss of driving, we finally saw this sign!
Our first stop. The famous Lone Star by the museum
And because it wasn’t open until 12noon, we headed to the Capital Building across instead
US in the Capital Building
Then we went to a famous park in Austin where it felt like the WHOLE Austin population was there! The traffic was ridiculous!!
People were flying kites and doing what nots. After spending 2 hours there, we decided to call it an early night and went back to our hotel.
Woke up refreshed the next day to hit the road, yet again. This time round, we’re heading way south to Del Rio, by the Mexico border. Spent the night withthe Hildreth’s and slept with these dudes..
Scary much?
But we had the awesomest host ever! The Hildreth Family!
As we drove back to San Antonio, we had to go through the Border Inspection
And saw the border petrols (Definitely my first seeing all these)
We got through it without any problem and headed back to the hotel for the night. Woke up the next day to Sea World!
The awesome awesome land of the Shamus!
Watched the Shamu Show and tears nearly filled my eyes. As much as I hate animals, Shamus managed to soften my heart.
Apart from the Shamu show, I also watched the Azu show. Another kind of whale. I thought it was just an okay show as it was mostly performed by humans. Bleah..
The next animal show I saw would probably be the Seals show. This is sooooo entertaining and cute!!
And we also headed to see some penguins and boy, they stink!!! Not so cute afterall especially when they stink!
It was a day of much lining ups and bumping into one another and while lining up to some rides, I saw a young OSU Cowboy fan! We spent the whole day at Sea World and when we got back to the hotel, everyone went straight to bed after taking a quick shower. It wasn’t a surprise.
Woke up to a new morning the next day and had a good feeling of a good day, and it was. Our first stop was the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum.
And wanted to prove to mum that I’m not that fat afterall
And next door was the Guinness World Record
.. where I found something about my beloved home state/country- Malaysia!
and also got trapped in this. Bleah..
Next to it, is also Madame Tussaud Wax Museum where I met the crooked-looking Oprah
And saw some wall of some historical thinggy
After gaining much knowledge from all these museum, we decided to take a walk at the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. Boy, it was BEAUTIFUL!!
And had lunch at a famous British restaurant by the Riverwalk where Eva Longoria and Hugh Grant dined before
We called it a day after seeing all these and the alamo and woke up to the final day in San Antonio where we dropped the kids to 6 Flags and us shopping at a place where we couldn’t afford to buy anything.
The famous and intimidating Saks 5th Avenue. Thank God it wasn’t the ONLY store in that mall so we still could afford other stuff.
Our trip ended with a decent drive back to the good ol’ Oklahoma and it was absolutely a pleasant trip with the Saltus!
Word Of The Day: Musim Bunga (Malay) = Spring

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