how can I tell you this? SHUT UP!!!!

So, I think we have all been there. Your tired, you have had little sleep, and your stuck in the KD lab. You have printed off your last set of slides and you are ready to retire to your room to catch up on some z’s……


The sound of rauchious laughter explodes into your ear drums from across the room. It has jolted you from your daydreaming of crawling under your worn-but-comfy batman comforter that you love to snuggle underneath.

Their back.

These type of people are what I like to nickname  Rauchious Uneducated Dumb Eejit. (last ones mean stupid, would of used ignoramous, but that begins with an I)

RUDEs are often seen in groups and can be any age or ethnicity. They are usually seen in the middle of the KD lab and are usually laughing their asses off at some video on Youtube or yelling at some Asian video game in a foreign language  found online that nobody really plays.

And right now, you are daydreaming. You know, when you stare of into the wall and you have a out-of-body-experience.  You are daydreaming that you slowly push your chair back and stand up.. You look look left. You look right. You spot last years Homecoming decorations in the corner of lab, including a plywood cut out of Pistol Pete. (that’s how they roll in your daydream) You grab Pete and begin your reaction to the noise. You slowly walk over to the unsuspecting RUDEs with Pete  in hand, and a angry look on your face. As you slowly raise your weapon above your head, one of the younger RUDEs begins to ask “What the hell bro..”      WHAM!

Your book bag falls to the floor stirring you from your “innocent” daydream. The RUDEs are still making noise and do not look like they are moving anytime soon.

So, this may seem a little violent, but have you not been in that situation before? It kinda of reminds me of this video:

Okay, so I understand that the KD lab is  a public place that anybody can use and isn’t expected to be quiet  like a library.  But I think that anybody can expect to have SOME kind of quiet in the lab where you can do your homework and stalk your latest Facebook crush. Now, I understand that when watching Youtube or LOLcats you crack up, but when you are laughing  so that people  outside of the lab can hear you, your. too. loud. So, until lab monitors start to care if people can concertrate, I think that RUDEs will be prevalent in every computer lab not only in Res halls, but on campus as well.



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