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Racism-then and now

Tonight’s internet session started out as usual-with Facebook.

What started out as a regular stalking session turned into a reflection period that made me realize how lucky I was to live in the time period I live now.

Mary was surfing through her news feed looking at status updates when she asked me “Whats with Gamma Phi Beta?”

I had also began to notice peoples status updates related to the local sorority and decided to search Facebook to see what was going on. Apparently one of the members of the sorority was killed in a car accident earlier today. While I was saddened by this news, I notice a story that was shared that had the words “Gamma Phi Beta” in the title and the body.

The story, the link is below, describes a woman’s experience in college back in the 1950’s dating a African American male. The story describes the way the woman was treated by her sorority sisters and dorm mothers.

It made me realize how often I take for granted living in a post-civil rights era that allows me to date and hang out with whom ever I want. While I realize that racism is still alive and well in smaller towns across Oklahoma and the greater south, I am glad that in the larger cities like Stillwater, Oklahoma I don’t have to worry about a cross being burned on my front lawn.



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Well, yeah, my friends are INTERNATIONALLY know!

When I think of my friends, those who are the best, others who I have lost touch with, I often think about the differences we share that make us good friends.

1. Cindy can spend 15 minutes on a Words with Friends game and score 80 points with one word…her excuse? quote “I’m ASSSIIIAAANNN”

2. Valerie can make anything into a funny scenario…even a 9 a.m. class.

3. Mary can fake speaking French….she just speaks Czech with a French accent.

But then I  look further into what makes my friends so special and I often realize that their cultural differences often intrigue me.

For instance, just tonight I learned that Malaysia is a mixing pot of cultures, from Chinease to India and beyond. I also learned about a major race group called the Malays, which are often claim to be superior to other races D: (more on the different racists attitudes later) Now,  some may not be surprised by this discovery, but what you have to understand is that when I first thought of Malaysia, I thought of that scene in Forest Gump where their in the middle of the jungle where they live in little straw huts. Yeah, Prague OK geography kinda sucked.

But as I got to know Cindy, I discovered Malaysia was as civilized if not more than the U.S.! (Wow, y’all have the iPhone?) As I learned more and more about this foreign country and its practices (google food steamboating) I beacame interested in learning about different countries and cultures.

With Mary the curiosity kinda of became a obsession. I began to learn about the Czech culture and identity and even learned some Czech words such as “Ahoj” or “Ano!” I also learned about the prevalent racist culture there also. (gypsies over there are often not tolerated over there.)

Being friends with international students are often the most rewarding and best friendships you can have. They get you out of your comfort zone and teach you about different cultures and ideas you may not have learned on your own.

Yeah,  supposedly this is somewhere in Malaysia.

Prague, Czech Republic!

-Davod Nematpour

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OH SNAP!! there about to be a PIE fight!

So last week was RHA week here on the Oklahoma State campus, with various activities such as a luau, dnace, and an outside obstacle course. My favorite part?


And also you get to know the people you go to school with.

The one event I like last week was KD’s “Pie your RA” contest. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of paying $1 to put some delicious whipped cream in their RA’s face?

Tony,11th floor RA, after a face full of whipped Cream!

Silverstar preparing for some whipped cream!

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I kinda of want to cut you right now!

So, I’m guessing when we are all 16(ish) or 18 for Cindy, we learned how to drive and park a car.

There was times when your mom or dad was saying the lords prayer and crossing themselves, (even if they are not catholic).  We have many memories, when you got THIS CLOSE (———-) to hitting that Jaguar in the neighborhood or when you hit you the trashcan….for the 20th time.

But as we graduated from high school and gained more experience behind the wheel we perfected the art of parallel parking, squeezing into that tight parking spot, and eating while driving.

So when we came to college we met new friends and explored Stillwater together….and we also learned who we need to buckle up with when we travel.

But one hard lesson while attending college we have to learn is…..some people never learned how to park!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you OSU’s Residential Hall’s official Wall of shame!

Seriously, this is not a car show…..the lines are there for a reasonWow, I really want to cut this person……HE IS NOT EVEN IN THE PARKING SPACE!Yeah, I was tempted to key this car….


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Why, yes I am a GDI for life!

So on Sunday night as I was strolling along outside of KD, my arms full of 20-Something goodness, I was assaulted.

No, not the, hold-a-gun-to-my-head- assaulted. I was verbally assaulted.

It was more of like a I’m-with-my-homies-so-I am- going-to-hate-on-you assaulted.

For those of you who are new to OSU there is a certain “hatin” that goes on between those who are Greek and those who are not.

For as far back as I can remember this “hatin” has been going on. Most of time nothing comes up of this “hatin” but certain times this “hatin” rears its ugly head.

This was one of those times. A Chevrolet Avalanche rolled on past KD, full of frat guys yelling obscenities.

Some included “GDI’s suck b***’s!” “Frat life for life!” and others. Now, while I was slightly offended  after they specified “Hey you with the Bags!”, I took a mental note.

While yes, I am a “God D*** independent, (one who is not involved in greek life) , I also realized that living on campus is kinda of like being in the greek system.

You live on a floor full of people that are students like you that have the same stresses, worries and concerns as you do. You grow to like that person, share your personal experiences, and form a bond with that person that will last you after college. Some may call this “networking”, something the greek system takes pride in saying it’s members get when they join.

So with that in mind, and the fact that I am paying less for more room in my dorm than they have in their own bedrooms I skipped my merry way to Wentz.

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Wait, what is that noise….O God…..

We all have certain urges.

Some have the urge to shop.

Some have the urge to eat.

Some of us have the urge to …….bang.

Yeah, I know, “Davod! EWWW Why?!?!?!?!”

It’s time to have “the talk“.

Let’s go back to this last summer, back where there was only 2 iPhone models, there was no Cowboys 4ever back to a time where there was no homework.

I was a summer Conference Assistant and lived in Wentz, same room, same sloppy mess. One night I was enjoying a 2 a.m. snacking while watching some Sex and the City. (ironic I know). As the credits rolled the action started.

*slap* *slap* *slap*

“What is that?


“Seriously, what is that?”

*slap**slap* “Uhhhhh”*slap**slap*

“Oh, god…”

It was that time of night, BANG:30 am

My floormate across the hall was indulging in his every desire….along with his woman of the week.

NOW. Some people may have curled in the corner and rocked back worth, begging the pain to go away..but ohhhh nooo, this summer, was.just.that.boring.

So every night, at BANG:30 AM, I was cured up by my door’s vent and enjoyed what I like think was Wentz’s version of “The Young and the Horny.”

Now, sex in the dorms is not a new thing. It happens. After homecoming, before the big game, during finals week, during fall break, etc. Its a natural occurrence.

So is the scraping of the floor, banging against the wall, and the *shudder* slapping.  We have all experienced it, and we all have horror stories. Or like mine, I-am-so-bored-this-is-entertainment. Sex in the dorms are often looked down upon, and often there are rules in the Res. Halls that “discourage” sex in the halls.  From, “No members of the opposite sex after 2 a.m.”, to “If member of the opposite sex are in the dorm room, they must be awake and coherent at all times.”

Even though I often find these rules restrictive, they do serve SOME purpose…I mean, there has to be commercials!



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So this is what I was kinda of thinking of submitting for the contest:

On May 13, 2011, when I finally grasp that leather bound degree holder, I will be completing my one dream. Receiving a university degree that will not only help me get a job I love but also live a life that I will enjoy.  The degree represents four years of hard work and dedication of all nighters, short deadlines and countless friends made. It represents experiences that  I will hold dear after the last piece of confetti is swept from the floor of Gallagher-Iba arena. I will take that degree and go out into the world to secure a job that will provide a better life for me and allow me to contribute back to my Alma-mater. When I think of what success means to me, I think of being able to have a better standard of living and my ability to support myself without  financial assistance from my parents. I believe that OSU, through education and support has set me along a path to this success that I would not of found anywhere else.

Whadya Think? I also thought of submitting this picture, with the cut line:

When a person studies at OSU, there comes a time when they realize OSU is not just a university, but a life long feeling.

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