Clash of the Idiots

My family came back into town for Easter. So I went back into town to see them and hang out with them. On Saturday night we went to go see “Clash of the Titans”.

The movie was pretty good, but there was a bunch of stuff that happened that I wanted to tell all of my readers about. None of these things were big enough to write a blog about seperately, but I thought I would give a short list of my exploits. Here we go:

  1. There is no need to put on your prom dress to go to the movies
  2. Hey, 30 something next to me: stop hogging the arm rest
  3. Hey, 30 something next to me: just because you know what might happen, you are not cool for saying it
  4. If you get to a sold-out movie 8 minutes before the movie starts, you should not ask the entire theater for four seats in a row. You should also not be offended when the whole theater laughs at you.
  5. Why are the movie theater floors always sticky?
  6. If you’re obese, that’s fine, just don’t stop in the middle of a walkway and block the entire hall with your fat family
  7. Movie trailers are awesome. And yes, I will look over to you and tell you what I think after every one.
  8. Do we really need a “Step Up” sequel in 3D? I really didn’t think we needed a second one to begin with.
  9. Some movies do not need to be remade (Karate Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street)
  10. ^^ I don’t think we need Michael Bays’ explosions in a horror movie. He is remaking Nightmare on Elm Street
  11. Hey, I’m Qui-gon Jinn. Oh yea, well I am Avatar dude. Hey, I’m Hades and Lord Vodemort. Why do I always get cast as an evil douche? Hey guys, I’m Captain Jack. What are you doing here Captain Jack? I heard there was a Kraken. *Awkward pause* Get out of here Sparrow.
  12. You should have to take in IQ test before you are able to get a license (this upon leaving the theater).

 Overall, it was a fun experience and not even all the stupid people at the mall could ruin it.



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